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Monday, November 1, 2021

Malakai's First Halloween

Malakai had a such a fun Halloween weekend. It started on Friday with a trip to a quiet little park about 20 minutes from our house. There were a few other kids when we arrived. They were enjoying the large playgroup equipment. We set up our blanket and toys just in front of all the excitement. Malakai enjoyed watching the big kids play. It was nice and breezy out so he even got to see fall leaves blowing all around us (he even put a crispy one in his mouth 😉).

On Saturday, he put on his cute little Koala costume, took some adorable photos, then headed to his friend Penelope's house for some fun! He and Penelope played with toys for a bit then we went for a stroller walk to check out the nearby "Boo Bash" in one of the neighborhood parks. There wasn't much "boo" or "bash" going on when we arrived but there were lots of other kids in costume so we stayed for a few minutes to relax and watch before heading back to Penelope's house to play a bite more.

On Sunday, Malakai transformed into Buzz Lightyear for the day! He seemed to really enjoy this costume and boy did he look so dang cute! He zoomed (crawled) all around his room playing with his toys. We also read "Where the Wild Things Are". Then, Sunday evening, we headed back to Penelope's house for another play date. He had a blast! Penelope had a fun red slide in the living room and he got to try sliding for the first time. He was so so excited! His little smile and giggle made my heart so happy.

It was a fun filled weekend and we hope yours was too!

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